Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Handmade with Love

8" x 10" Mixed Media on White Drawing Paper

This piece was proposed by my good friend Laura for a business she is building called "Handmade with Love." We talked about her idea and things tinkered in my skull..  It started out as a quick sketch for a business card but after I added some color with markers, pencils, and acrylics it really sparked my interest. She asked me to do this for her on September 1st and an hour or two later I sent her back this image. Although it was not something she expected, she was still blown away by the turn around and very interested in the idea. Before and after seeing the image I created she wanted to finish it with the words "With Love.". I figured this was unnecessary and just signed it "LOVE" instead. Kids, always follow directions!          

When you are creating anything a purpose or for someone else it can be difficult.  Our perceptions, no matter how clear and concise a discussion, will vary in some ways.  The things I see in my head are guaranteed to be different than what the other person is expecting.  Sometimes I get too involved with projects like this and forget about time.. and work and work and work until I have something, wether it be their vision or not. This was one of those times. She liked my idea a lot and now wants to to write "with Love" in the same manner.. Well, she wanted that from the beginning but now.. using art and craft supplies.

I think we should simplify this idea by writing out the word "Handmade" with a detail brush. It's clean and clear and under control..
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Race

While walking to my mailbox, this guy was just waking up under my sneaker.  I it start to chug along at the last possible second to save him.  We were good!  He was inches from the bottom of my shoe and I must say that we are both glad that did not happen.

So here is the story. My mailbox is approximitly 300 yards from where I saw him. I walked back and forth within the time it took him to create this one inch slim mark. Granted, i do walk pretty fast but being that slow really has to suck the big one.                                                    

Note to self.. 'If reincarnation does exist, opt out of snail'

Lemmi Winks brother Fezzi Winks

8" x 10" Colored Pencil on 80lbs White Drawing Paper

A funky collaboration with Natalie. After a couple successful hand-offs of the sketchbook, this drawing started to resemble a gerbil.  Lemmi Wink's cousin was born.

I'm not sure if it is done or not. I have to ask Nat but either way I had fun and I'm glad Natalie was there to create this with me :)

Call of Duty MW2 911 Playercard Art

Ps3: Call of Duty MW2 Player Card, September 2011

I think this is the second time I have mentioned COD on my blog. I'm not a gamer anymore but something about Infinity Ward still tickles my fancy.  Most users create disturbing images of death or prejudice which is not cool.  Even less interesting individuals get a kick out of objectifing and degrading women, but some create detailed comic book characters. They turn into a repeating song after a month but kudos to the originator.  I try to create art with the assigned images.  Colorful landscapes and positivty, which is a complete contradiction to the game.  Some people message props or bluetooth (v) good words.  Thanks randoms.  This one on the other hand, is more somber and still in mourning..

We will never forget

Picassoed Picasso

Well I cannot rearrange photos on this mobile blogger app so For now I will just post and I'll worry about format another day. At least I can get some art out into the world and hopefully influence someone on the Internet machine.

This small 5" x 7" pen and ink drawing is a cubist representation of Pablo Picasso. Picasso and Georges Braque were the inventors and originators of the cubism movement. Picasso, more so than Braque, is the staple to cubism and has inspired me and millions of other artists over the past century. My favorite artist Marcel Duchamp, a cubo-futurist known for the fourth dimension of art and, in my opinion, the most important piece to art, the power of titles and the ability to explain art, is included.

Anyway, this drawing was completed in three sessions. The first two photos are micons in black only. I began adding sepia microns and a white and a black prismacolor pencil near the final phase if the drawing; adding an aged look to the portrait.. Or whatever you would call it. Although it is not cubist by definition, it is still abstract enough to be considered as such. And again, I will eventually revamp and reorganize these mobile posts to be congruent with past entries. As always, thanks for checking in.

Itty Bitty Natalie

Hello folks,
It's been a little while. I'm in the process of moving and I packed my computer almost a month too early. This is why I haven't posted anything. But good news! I just downloaded the blogger app for my iPhone so I can blog on the go. I haven't explored the app so I'm not sure about providing links to references, other images, etc. I basically just want to see how this goes before I get into all that. I hope I can move images around and use my typical blog set up to keep it uniform. Let's see..

This is a tiny portrait I did of my girlfriend. I fell in love with Natalie's FB profile picture and I wanted to paint it. I had an extra baby canvas from my AB Munny project so I went for it and was very happy with the result. I will post the original image when I get my computer up and running again. Thanks for reading!


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