Friday, July 30, 2010

Old Art for New Eyes

Ninety-percent of my artwork is derived my sketchbooks. These are drawings that never had a plan or idea because I find it a lot easier to just pick up a pencil/pen and just go. These pieces were started with sheer boredom and finished with techniques, experience with materials, and/or the desire to finish them. I draw with the absence of ideas sometimes for a reason. My pictures become a virtual collage of things that I'm feeling at that moment, or something that I did that week. It tells a story, not some much to the viewer, but to me. My own personal diary right there under your nose. Every picture that I create, when gazed upon later, reminds me of that time in my life. Everyone has troubles growing up and this was my way to vent without a companion to dishevel my life to. The next three images display this very well. They are titled after baseball players who were caught using steroids because that's how I see these drawings. They are my sketchbook entries on steroids. The other images are random again like the first post. Either way, with that said, here's s'mores.

Mark McGuire

Barry Bonds

Jason Giambi (Non Concentric)

I Am D.Lyons

Jordan Tilliewitz

Poor Taylor

Lord of the Nats

Kaman New Materials 2

Kaman New Materials 1

New Anxiety

He'll Eat You Out of House and Home

Blue Power

Recycle Me

Hang Your Head


New Pirates

Small Sketchbook Scores $20
Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a Blogger!

Well, here it is. My first blog! My girlfriend Natalie created this blog for me four months ago and has been on my case ever since to post something. My reason for not posting was because I didn't have a working camera and could not keep this blog updated. She told me to use some old images just to get started so I'm finally taking her advise. I have a million words for each one of these pieces but just for the sake of getting some art out there, I only titled them for now. "For now" may be forever so if you do like one in particular and would like to know more about it, leave me a comment and I'll caption the work inquired. I hope you like them.

The Poker Face

Mint Me

Duh Bears

Terrance Oris Rex

The Pink Life

The Ski Lodge

History is Awesome

I Have Wings!

Windsor Knot

Bar A

Conditioner is Better for Ability

The Development of Layers

Jouvinal Desires

K Dub

Marked Man

Stop Clowning and Draw

Snake Eyes

My Banjo Player

The First Degree

Rock Formation

Chiquita Banana

Erase Your Face

Drawing with Zippo

Grandma's Cooking

The Professional Old Guy 1.1


Weaping Willow

Silver Oak Inspiration

Eohs Erohw

The Human IV

The Doc You Can't Support

Graphite Destroyed Me

Free Time

Mother Earth

Concrete Jungle

Self Portrait '01
Well Nat, what do you think? I'm all posted out after lowering the resolution on all these images.. so much so that I'm prob not going to post anything again for a long time. Eventually I will re-edit this post to make some sense of it by organizing it and applying the titles to all these works. As of now, this post is just a large compilation of mess that took forever to construct and will need another lifetime to complete. Check back in a couple of weeks. (I guess I was wrong. Only one day later.. actually hours later.. I entitled everything and posted more. I'm amazed.)

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