Friday, July 30, 2010

Old Art for New Eyes

Ninety-percent of my artwork is derived my sketchbooks. These are drawings that never had a plan or idea because I find it a lot easier to just pick up a pencil/pen and just go. These pieces were started with sheer boredom and finished with techniques, experience with materials, and/or the desire to finish them. I draw with the absence of ideas sometimes for a reason. My pictures become a virtual collage of things that I'm feeling at that moment, or something that I did that week. It tells a story, not some much to the viewer, but to me. My own personal diary right there under your nose. Every picture that I create, when gazed upon later, reminds me of that time in my life. Everyone has troubles growing up and this was my way to vent without a companion to dishevel my life to. The next three images display this very well. They are titled after baseball players who were caught using steroids because that's how I see these drawings. They are my sketchbook entries on steroids. The other images are random again like the first post. Either way, with that said, here's s'mores.

Mark McGuire

Barry Bonds

Jason Giambi (Non Concentric)

I Am D.Lyons

Jordan Tilliewitz

Poor Taylor

Lord of the Nats

Kaman New Materials 2

Kaman New Materials 1

New Anxiety

He'll Eat You Out of House and Home

Blue Power

Recycle Me

Hang Your Head


New Pirates

Small Sketchbook Scores $20


Taylor S Smith said...

DUDE. !.
I've seen your art hanging in your room but never saw any of this! Amongst many cool aspects of your work, It's really neat how much depth you get in the sketchbook art. Oh yea, I'm really digging "History is Awesome." Thanks for sharing your art and the personal stuff, too!

Anonymous said...

Old Art For New Eyes indeed. Great title! Even greater art. Lovin' the "He'll Eat You Out Of Your House & Home" with the rasta Jersey Man tucked in the cap. Seriously jaw dropping, but more cheek lifting than anything else. You are absolutley inspired and inspirational and and and (that's a lots of &'s) I feel blessed to be able to call you a true friend.

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