Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Piece is in Pieces

So as you can see, I haven't been blogging at all lately.. That's because I haven't drawn at all lately either. I guess drawing all day at work destroys your appetite to create anything at home. Its like being an accountant that works hard all day on other people's investments, profits, and losses, and then coming home only to review your families' grocery store budgets and expenditures; or doing your taxes every night.. I told this to a guy at work recently who asked me what kind of art I create outside of work and he said, "They say that mechanics have the worst cars right?" So I guess it all makes sense.

Anyway, as of late, all I can draw are caricatures anyway. I'm finding it very hard to be inspired to just draw like I used to. I did recently finish a rather large piece last month and I redesigned my backpack that I have had forever, but other than that I've been unmotivated.

This abstract, four panel street art inspired illustration was created on four 10" x 26" white mat boards which I salvaged from work. These beautifully smooth pieces of garbage were spacers protecting the actual delivery from damage but for an artist, they turned out to be an extremely suitable "canvas" for a set of industrial graffiti markers. For well ventilated areas only huh? YUP. I'm lucky to have pretty cool roommates because my apartment did smell like crap for a few days. Thanks guys!

Here's a picture of my super old backpack that I got it when I was a junior in high school. It is amazing that it is over ten years old, has been used everyday, has been so many places, and still hasn't given me one single problem. Whenever I was bored somewhere I would take out a marker and draw on it. It's had at lease five makeovers in the past six years and has been my little sidekick everywhere I go.

Drawing on it was a lot of fun this time because I was able to still use the sun-faded drawing from yesteryear and incorporate new ideas with the old. It has my signature dark mannerist collage style with all the contorting faces housing scary expressions, but its colorful nature warms the book bag away from the nightmare it could be. The word "Think" at the top is one of the original images and the first thing I wrote on the bag. "INK" is more apparent this time around which was my graffiti name that I never wrote anywhere lol. It's just a word that means a lot to me and would be something I would write if I wrote graffiti. The stars are extremely important to me and have been sporadically placed around the bag several times now. For the past fifteen years now my mom has bought me a star around holiday season which became a tradition and it's been a tradition in a lot of my artwork. AHhh.. I'm done. Here it is.


Natalie Farrell said...

Your backpack is one of my favorites. It's impressive that it's been with you all these years, and you still concoct these skillful creations onto it. Teach me how to open my mind more artistically. :)

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