Sunday, January 9, 2011

Driving Through Clouds

Although I see them almost everyday, this time was different. I have been in a cloud in an airplane as you can see in the photo above, taken in October of last year, but being confined to a seat, in the small space of an airplane, does not let you fully enjoy the sky's mist. Instead we get turbulence and terror and we dream of being on the ground with our families and friends. But what does a cloud really feel like? I know I have never been close enough to a cloud to touch it's moisture and feel it's temperature and I would have guessed that it would be physically impossible to do so, until it happened to me yesterday. While driving down a 5,000 ft mountain, I had the opportunity to travel through a cloud in an automobile. This was something I had never seen or done before. Maybe a person reading this thinks I'm crazy because I found this to be so rare and interesting, but I grew up at sea level. At sea level, we call it fog.. At 5,000 ft above that, it's a cloud! These ten pictures best demonstrate my decline through the haziness.

From the top of the mountain, the clouds looked like the ocean. I could imagine the waves crashing into the jetty as the clouds began to corrupt the mountainside. It looked violent and peaceful just like the ocean. As I got closer, the air within the cloud plummeted in temperature. It made holding my camera out of the car window a task. It restricted my visibility and dissipated the sun's rays making everything around me look dreary and sad. As we neared the bottom of the mountain the sky seemed to overcast. Believe or it or not, but the day at the bottom of the mountain wasn't nearly as nice as it was on top of the mountain. A few thousand feet above me, the sun was raging above the clouds, while down at the bottom, the sun barely peaked through to say hello. Overall, I was just glad that I could experience such a thing. It was definitely the best part of my vacation.


Natalie Farrell said...

I find it spectacular that you were able to capture a picture of the cloud, mountain trees, and a sexy ford mustang. Best trio. But yeah, I agree, it was the best part of our vacation. I'm glad I was able to share that moment with you... especially because I didn't know you've never experienced something like that. Beautiful pictures too. My iPhone pics were crap compared to yours. :)

ps. change it's to its. "it's moisture and feel it's temperature" huhu. I gotta live up to the spelling nazi name.

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