Monday, January 3, 2011

Freddy Corcoran and His Lead, Starstruck Tracy

Yesterday, I was randomly browsing my digital life we call Facebook and I stumbled upon this interesting picture of my friends Keith and Tracy. Back in the day, during my high school years in Art with Keith, I would draw him all the time in Life Drawing or during free time. Keith loved being the model and he was a great subject. It got to a point where I would draw Keith unintentionally during my doodling sessions in other classes. This is off topic, but it's kinda like Evan's character in Super Bad and how he would randomly draw pictures of dicks and store them in his "Ghost Buster lunch box dick treasure chest" but without the dicks.. and the lunch box, but I think you get my point.

I decided to draw this image in celebration of drawing well over a thousand faces without a single dick.. I mean Keith.. showing up. <--Just kidding KCore! In honor of you dude, I present you with this mixed media piece Freddy Cocoran and his girlfriend Starstuck Tracy.

This piece was entirely experimental. I have never used graphite and colored pencils together in one drawing and especially not on recycled newsprint. It was fun but I wasn't to happy with the clouds in the background of the original drawing, so I added to them thanks to Adobe. I'm still not sure if I like the digital background or the original so I posted both. You tell me.

Please check out Keith William Corcoran's writing on WordPress. Here is a sample to spark your interest. Don't be lazy! Its so easy just click link above, or here, or here, or even here!

"To paint a picture with words. Red, blue, yellow, primacy, hello, splattered across brainscape, dripping out ears. My jaw is a canvas, my cheeks made of cloth. My nose is running, dripping watercolors, painting snot.

Achoo, achoo! A masterpiece for you."
-Keith William Corcoran


Natalie Farrell said...

I like both versions, but I do think the original is the best because the background in the second version can be a bit much. Almost like Keith and Tracy are stuck in a blizzard. Still, awesome work.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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