Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harold Is Camping in My Drawings

California Spring
5" x 7" on White Illustration Board

Hello to everyone whom is reading this. It's 6:00PM and I'm still here. I think I'm still here anyway. Has the World ended? I thought the World would end when Judgement Day arrived? Has Jesus come? What if Jesus has come? What if he is interviewing people right now? Or is it considered an audition? Or maybe the true believers, that I project that no one knows or will have known now, have already been taken. What if the Rapture has started but its not in rabbit mode? What if the rapture only has a 1.2 liter, pushing 68 brake horsepower? If this is the case.. I am very sorry to hear that you are reading this. Furthermore, I regret to inform those of you that don't know that you shall suffer the rapture with me. In reading this right now, you and I are alike. Like me, you did not the necessary skills to partake. You did not have the courage to compete and because of this lack of religious drive, we did not make Jesus's basketball team this rapture. You and I are now here to suffer and perish for our mistakes for five months while the best 144,000 people of the World will move on. We get to bask in our sins and be rewarded appropreatiely for losing.

My friend Jesse texted me at 6PM with "Happy Rapture Day!!" I have literally heard nothing of this until now. Being a Roman Catholic, I was frightened into beleiving that the end of the World would someday come and that Jesus would weigh my sins to determine my path up or down. Other than that, I did not hear a peep about this Harold Camping and his uninscribed prediction. And thats another thing. If Harold Camping is a true man of the Bible, why would he try to make a prediction that the Bible did not execute? Isn't that the point? To follow the Bible. I'm very sorry to say that I'm not a firm believer.. I enjoy watching shows about Geology too much but I'll never rule anything out. To my point. I'm more worried about the drawings I randomly produced the last two days. Maybe I'm a prophet or something.. What do you think Harold?
In all seriousness these similarities to "rapture" are pretty freaky. Some of my art could be summed up as Picasso's night terrors but these next few that were intented to be happy, colorful and bright, ended up in a different light after the news about Mr. Camping. Instead of a sun burned beach scene, color choices to match a friends guest room, and a joke about New Jersey, I got images burnt, bathered, and bruised. It seems as if I unconciously drew my so called destiny.. my faux destiny. Judgement Day may be near my friend but I highly doubt it has anything to do with a single person.

4" x 6" on White Mat Board

5" x 7" on White Illustration Board

5" x 7" on White Illustration Board

Thinking beyond context, there are so many unconscious hints at earthquakes and their creation of tsunamis. There are notes of pyroclastic flows in my self portrait and the notification of citizen pissing, state-bashing stereotypes. And of course the possible plan for our demise.. The sun scorching the earth to the tiny remains like those located within the bottom cracks of your toaster oven. Either way, the next five months could be awesome.

A new post addition.. START HERE--->Back to this guy. The only one I actually like..

There is something else!!! So I was just cleaning up my supplies and have just realized something even more creepy. I've begun painting this drawing.. well something similar to this drawing. I started transferring the drawing above onto a canvas earlier today around 5PM. The top right of this drawing has a sort of Jesus imposter looking down from amigst the stars. I omitted some portions of the drawing on the canvas and it just so happens that one of these parts was this face with something that looks like a crown of thorns on his head. Really it was just inspiration at its finest; unharbored contours running wild across the mat board or was it? Does this seal my fate Harold? I really don't know and I'm very confident that he doesn't either since the sky is still blue and the air is still air.. One thing that I am sure of is that this acknowledgement has sealed the fate of this canvas without Jesus. I guess he didn't make my team either.

PS. Sorry Jesus


Natalie Farrell said...

You are simply hilarious and talented all in one. My favorite is the first one with the ocean wave. I love anything having to do with the ocean and beach. The detail you produce with your imagination in each picture still astounds me, and every time I'm left almost speechless. I say almost, because here I am typing a comment. You know what, I might say fuck it and draw me a wave tattoo for me. :)

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