Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An American Influenced by an American Influenced by Japan

Color Stix and Markers on a 5" x 7" Red Suede Mat Board

This drawing was started by random lines from a brush pen made by Faber Castell.  In the beginning, it looked like a face placed vertically throughout the center of the drawing.  Coloring the face= zero fun.  I became super bored and did not have my heart in it.  I decided to create another beach style drawing after looking at the work of surf artist Jay Alders.  My friend had commented on his painting entitled Shifting Perception on Facebook, which he awesomely donated it's profits to help Japan.  This inspired me to create this and savage a suede mat board.  

Although the whole drawing changed, you can still see pieces of a mans face when the drawing is sideways.  The chin of this gentleman, who always seems to look like my buddy Keith, can be seen near the small wave in the back.  His eyes are the two white splashes that are lined together on the right.  His hair was obviously the right wave and his nose is still visible in the rounded line that flows into the rocks near the center.  The dark lines are the brush pens.  These pens/ brushes are pretty cool writing implements that don't smell like other markers I like to use.  There are very many techniques you can create with them and I have used them many times in past projects although I have never blogged about them.  If you want more information on PITT pens watch this artist on Youtube sell the s*#t out of them.  

This is an old post that I had stored as a draft and forgot about.  It seems that I have been doing that a lot lately which I guess is a good thing.  I have created so many pieces the last few months that I am totally forgetting about them.  Way to go Dan!


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