Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bonsai 4 Yo Eye..(s)

Hey blog and the people who read you. It's been a while.  I have slacked and I'm tired of it.  I'm such a passive-aggressive blogger.  Some days I can't get away, and others fly by into weeks without a look your way.  I'm sorry for that.  I'm sure you don't mind but for those of you who have been checking in here and there, thanks for that and sorry for the wait. The first thing I want to post is the newest series I have created over the last few days.  I have many other words for you to eat and many other images that out date these for you to host, but these are fresh.  And fresh is a good start.

*Actually, I forgot that I had this draft saved and I posted two other entries prior to this one even though the words above tell a different story.  Oh well.  Enjoy it anyway.. if you can read.   

This was a fun little bonsai project that was inspired by my "playercard" on COD Black Ops. Your playercard is a small picture that you can create from other preset emblems, symbols, and pictures to make your card unique from everyone else's. Most people's cards are for mature audiences only. Most seem to think its funny to objectify women and animals in a pornographic way but there are some that have a 'nerdy class' and tend to build Superheros or Nintendo characters like this Youtube video illustating a playercard design. I, like this guy.. maybe girl.. keep it clean. Too clean actually.

 Although this game is very graphic and emerses the user into violence and war, my playercard was quite the opposite. It was and still is a serene beach scene with a cliff and and some palm trees in siloutte with a sunset sky and large sun (will add a picture at some point). This leads me back to the point of all this..

For some reason my COD sunset made me think of Japan. I know this is very sterotypical and I do not mean to offend anyone, but my thought process is as follows. Red Sun-> Japan-> Martial Arts-> Bonsai Treeeeess.. My bad.

All four are made with colored pencils/stix on various colored, 5" x 7" suede mat boards.  Thanks for reading.


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