Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Lace, One Love

This is an old post that was lost.. not in translation.. but in relaxation.  This image is also referred to in the post prior to this one (Natalie Meets Tom).  I couldn't post this at the time of completion because it was before Father's Day and I didn't want to ruin the surprise.  This is why I forgot about these last two posts.

This commissioned project was for my friend's wife.  She wanted a Father's Day gift that meant something special for my old friend Hanks.  She told me how she felt about him in a short paragraph and I took it from there.  Being sneakerheads, I figured nothing could be better than sealing their love in a drawing of some kicks.  I knew that they both loved Jordans so I found out which ones exactly and took it from there.  At this point, I made each person represented by a sneaker.  I made a few minor tweaks to the design.  I changed the hologram from a circle to a heart on the red/whites, and wrote "Love" instead of "Jordan" near the toe of the grey/blues.  The one lace travels around each sneaker and weaves into and out of each to represent two people and two minds into one life and one idea...  This metaphorically speaking represents their life together and how things truly change when you are in love and start a family together; two people joined as one.

Jamie, Hank's girl and the commissioner for this piece, wanted her words to be written in the background of the drawing.  Without disrupting the composition, I was able to incorporate her beautiful words into the laces that join the two sneakers together.  I really like the way this came out.  My favorite part being the open white spaces, on each shoe, that seamlessly blend into the background.  My one quarrel with it is the toe portion on the grey/blues.  I didn't think about it I guess, and I drew each sneaker from one picture.  The sneaker design is actually different between colors and the red/whites have that triangle shape of the toe while the grey /blues do not.  Oh well.  What's perfect?  I hope you like it Hanks!!


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