Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Need New Glasses (Self Portrait 2011)

Color Stix on a 5" x 7" Red Suede Mat Board

There is not much to say about this guy here.. except that he is an artist.. blah blah blah.  Anyway, the only thing I did differently was my approach.  I started this self portrait by using a colorless blender to sketch my face. Usually, during this process, I would use a graphite pencil for my sketch but I couldn't this time. On suede, the colorless blender creates easily visible lines compared to a traditional graphite sketching pencil. The blender allows for depressions to reflect light that cause highlights that are much easier to decipher. There is one problem though. You must make sure that your blender is clean of other colors. If not, just like the color stix, the blender will leave unwarranted marks within your drawing and it is not very consistent.  Be careful in areas that you plan to leave.. colorless.

After I had my sketch, I used a brush pen to incorporate the darkest darks. I believe that your art teachers and college professors will or have told you that you always want to go light to dark, but this is not always the case. I figured that coloring over marker with wax is a lot easier than coloring over wax with wax.  I have provided a few images that illustrates the drawings progression.  This is the first time I have purposely recorded my progress so I hope it looks good.

Colorless blender sketch with unwanted markers near nose.

Pitt Pen

I used canary yellow to
outline highlights.

Additions of white, sienna brown, and dark brown.

Refining some areas and adding minor details.

At this point, I had to fix certain areas that were mislead by my sketch. My right cheek protruded too wide and my eyes were wrongly shaped. Cosmetology time.

That looks.. better, but my chin hair isn't that thick. Lips need work.


Finer details of facial features.
More refining of lips, mustache, and neck.

My finished color pencil self portrait.

I love that it looks like an oil painting.  I hate that it's creepy with realism.  It's also pretty small and was difficult to be precise in certain areas with the color stix.  I guess i could have used color pencils also but I didn't.  Anyway, thanks for reading.. if you did.



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