Sunday, December 5, 2010

Practice to Opinion

I received an email from my friend's mother this morning regarding some pictures I took during my trip to New Jersey in October. She asked if I could send her a few that I had taken at her house during my stay there. While searching around for the pictures in question, I stumbled upon some caricatures I had completed of a few lucky friends and family while I visited mom's house.

I know that "practice makes perfect" but you have to admit it's weird when you can see it. Looking at drawings from high school to now, I can obviously see how much my line quality has developed and how techniques have changed the face of my art, but to see a difference in the same type of art in less than one year is pretty crazy for me. I have been drawing for well over twenty years now and have never seen myself improve so rapidly. There have been countless times in my life where I have spent eight hours in one day drawing, but still time and skill were almost immeasurable in my art then. Now, it's night and day. I guess it makes sense that drawing all day for work would greatly increase your chances of getting better but its really cool to see and it feels good to know that you're growing.
My mom's friend Mary
My friend BCore
My dad
Grandma 2010
Grandma 2009

I wish I had examples of a few park sketches so I could compare them to the artist I was to the artist I am today. This is sort of the reason why I haven't posted any caricatures until now. I feel that I always can do better, I could always exaggerate or draw that face differently, and/or tweak a few things to make it better. Just looking at these two pictures of my grandmother conveys my point. Everything has gotten better in terms of the lines, the coloring, and the composition. Even my signature has been positively modified. I can see how confident I've become with the marker and well I can now utilize the color stix. My hand has been trained to create straighter lines with each stroke and the weight of each line seems to change much easier on the eyes without as many obstructions. Practice doesn't make perfect but it does make better, although everyone doesn't always agree. My grandma likes the 2009 better than updated version and there lies the beauty in art.. the power of opinion.


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