Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I haven't been working much since Thanksgiving due to this crappy economy and how slow my job has becomes in the off season, but I've kept busy. As you can imagine, I was pretty psyched to work yesterday and today though. Well guess what? Thanks to the rain, I didn't do either. I was itching to draw some caricatures this week so I decided hook up a few while I was stuck in the house.

My buddy Taylor Smith, who is an excellent artist and designer, has drawn me and my girlfriend several times. My favorite being this digital image from last year when Natalie and I both had hair:

(We're not bald but we did get cuts) Anyway, he's so awesome! I decided to return the favor and draw him from a picture I had on my phone from last year. I hope you look the same Mr. Smith.. Mr. Smith just gave me an idea. I am totally drawing you as Agent Smith from the Matrix next time.

I also did a caricature of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow which I actually didn't finish yet. I just wanted to post it before I ruined it with the crappy necks I draw.. Or maybe I'll do a whole body because it's been a while since I've done one of those.

This last one is of me. I tried to destroy my face which caricature artists I've met out here in San Diego like to call "beasting." I'm not very good at this yet but it's starting to come along. It's weird that the more I draw someone, the more I can beast them.. I guess I draw myself a lot.

It's definitely not something I can do in the park because I like money more than funny, but it does happen from time to time. Some people's faces seem like they were made for caricatures and it would be a crime to draw them otherwise. Other than those people, it's hard to beast when you only draw little kids all day; where parents expect a cute-iture. The place I work doesn't serve alcohol, and to top it all off, eighty percent of the caricatures we draw there are "Legoheads." It's a lot more fun to beast adults because their features are usually more pronounced than children's attributes. More importantly adults understand what a caricature is and propbably won't cry if it isn't an exact representation of them. Either way, these guys got it made! Plus they are REALLY awesome at beasting so they deserve the cameo.

I just finished this one for Natalie's parents. The likeness is there but I'm not a big fan of it for some reason. I think it's the hair. Maybe I'll redo it and replace this one later.


Hrvoje Magad said...

very good job man! i like it alot =)

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